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Malte Kähler

Dipl.-Kfm. (FH), Steuerberater

Heitmannskamp 5
D-24220 Flintbek

Telefon 04347 - 90912 00
Telefax 04347 - 90912 22


We are an experienced and growing tax and economy advisory office in Flintbek which is managed by the tax consultant Malte Kähler.

What do you expect from your tax consultant?

  • Safety planning with your finances
  • No surprises ( unexpected tax subsequent payment)
  • Understandable explanations to your year-end accounts, tax returns, and economic evaluations
  • Active support and working out of concepts for sounder of a new business or for companies already in existence
  • Diverse reachabilities through modern communication media
  • fast and competent answers to economic and tax issues
  • speedy processing of orders

Business plan

You have a promising business idea but you don’t know how to establish your idea successful to the market?

Then contact us, because we assist you in creating a business plan with lots of information and we also give you a professional statement.

Crisis management

You want to avoid having a lot of accounts payable?

Then we can protect you with our comprehensive crisis management. We also get help from professional partners and we can even offer you a considerably legal consulting.

Administrative accounting

The administrative accounting is very meaningful for companies which reach a certain size. One very important pro is that you can see your evolution of your earnings and your charges. Our administrative accounting is divided into two category groups. First the administrative ‘modern’ and the administrative ‘classic’. The difference between this both is that with the administrative accounting ‘modern’ you can do everything  at home and you don’t need to come to the office to bring your documents, you can do everything online.

Financial statements

We place great demands on us :

We want that your results from your financial statement agree with the results from our administrative accounting. That way we want to avoid disagreeable surprises.



Consiliarius Steuerberatungsgesellschaft mbH

Heitmannskamp 5
D-24220 Flintbek

Telefon 04347 - 90912 00
Telefax 04347 - 90912 22


Montag - Donnerstag
08:00 - 16:00
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Hier stehen Ihnen Fundstellenverzeichnisse und Mandantenbriefe als PDF zur Verfügung, immer aktuell, bequem Downloaden.


Im Servicebereich der DATEV stehen für unsere Mandanten verschiedene Anwendungen zur Verfügungen, zum Beispiel: Auswertungen online.